Carrow Road Capacity to be Increased this Summer


Norwich City are proposing to increase Carrow Road’s seating capacity from 27,244 to 28,332 this summer.

There will be no structural work to be carried out as the Canaries board have come up with a genius idea to increase the amount of seats in the Jarrold stand.

Norwich City FC employee Richard Fibber, explained how the extra capacity will be achieved.

Each seat will be removed and replaced with a seat slightly smaller in width by 3cm. This will increase the amount of seats on each row.

This is not the only change. A yet to be announced number of adult and child seats will be introduced. These seats will be a double seat which an adult and child or two children will be able to share.

The double seats will take up less space than the regular two seats so there will be more seats available. This is good news for two reasons; more Norwich supporters will be able to attend matches and season ticket and general ticket prices will be reduced. The reduction in price for season tickets will only apply for season ticket holders in the Jarrold stand.

Do you think this is a good idea? Are you a season ticket holder? Leave a comment below.

In other news: Taverham resident, Richard Fibber, is arrested for trespassing after posing as a Norwich City employee.

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