Want a New Career? Are you good at lying? Become a medium!

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Do you want a new career? Do you want to be paid to lie? Become a psychic medium!

Do you have the essential qualities to train to become a medium?

  • Do you enjoy messing with people’s emotions and accepting cash for it?
  • Do you believe that spirits exist even though they contradict the laws of physics fathomed by the most intelligent people in the world?
  • Are you good at lying and reading people’s body language?
  • Are you good at acting? Pretending to talk to someone who is not there?
  • Can you talk about a person’s attributes that are common but aren’t perceived as being common and also being able to cover up errors easily?

If you have all these skills a ‘job’ as a medium might be for you.

Here at the Society for Psychic Understanding, Nurture and Knowledge (S.P.U.N.K.) we are committed to providing the education and support needed for you to succeed by nurturing your potential and dishonesty.

Our company logo.

You will benefit from our experienced tutors who will assist you in learning and passing several modules to complete your qualification.

Some of the modules are:

  • Having no conscience and guilt.
  • How is this not illegal?
  • How to accept cash as payment and not declare it.
  • Train your brain not to believe proven facts.
  • A beginners guide to swindling

With this qualification you will become a Spiritually Certified Accredited Medium (SCAM). You will be confident and immoral enough to easily deceive grieving people while also take their money, which has probably been passed down to them by the deceased.

Two of our trainers at last year’s recruitment fair.

We are having a ‘Become a Medium!’ stall at the recruitment fair on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at The Forum Norwich 9am to 5pm. Pop down and meet our friendly team, who will be giving out false information about the course and they might also ask for money.

If you’re interested in becoming a psychic medium all we have to say to you is… SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY!!!


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