Tinder to Tackle ‘Tincest’ Trouble


Dating app Tinder is changing for people who use its service in rural parts in the UK. Users will not be able to see potential matches who are less than ten miles away.

This is because there are increasing concerns about unaware closely related people going on dates and then possibly having children. Many couples have been embarrassed at family gatherings when both sides of their family get together and it turns out they all known each other already.

In the rural locations mostly affected, it is not common for families to move far from their place of birth. The county of most concern is Suffolk.

Billy and Jean from Somersham, Suffolk, had to split up after finding out they were cousins.

It has got to a point that people have contacted their local MPs and the issue, now known as ‘tincest’ has been bought up in parliament.

Tinder has been contacted and has been urged to look into the issue and work with the local authorities on a way to resolve the problem.

The dating service say they have a solution, they will be restricting users, based on their location, to only being able to view other users over 10 miles away.

Tinder are also going to be working with family tree company Ancestry. You will have to sign up with Ancestry when the new Tinder update rolls out. This will sync your Tinder and Ancestry accounts together and eliminate any close family members from your search.

Have you experienced tincest? Or know someone who has? Please share as Tinder may have tried to stop this but there are other dating apps and websites who might not do anything to avoid this deeply concerning problem.


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