People Rush to Garden Centre to Buy Exotic Plant – But Why?

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Taverham Nursery Centre experienced an unusual rush for a plant they had only recently started selling.

The nursery received stock of their first order of a specific type of pitcher plant from Bolivia on Thursday.

Pitcher plants are several different carnivorous plants which have modified leaves known as pitfall traps—a prey-trapping mechanism featuring a deep cavity filled with digestive fluid liquid.

On Saturday, a strange thing happened, the nursery experienced a mad rush, with people only buying the pitcher plant and they were sold out by lunchtime.

We spoke to shop manager, Lucy Shaft, about this unusual event, she said;

“We were running a special sale offering 50% savings on selected items, because it’s a big discount we’ve called the promotion, The Big D.”

Advert displaying The Big D sale

“We posted about the promotion on social media Friday afternoon. It was strangely very popular as it was shared over two thousand times! Our other promotional posts are normally only shared a couple of times. Although some people have mocked the name for the promotion”

Twitter users mocking the choice of words used.

“The garden centre normally experiences a large volume of customers at a weekend but this was something else. The customers are normally elderly, they have a pot of tea and bit of cake in the café, and then dawdle around the garden centre. They browse the plants, gifts, clothing and other tat the shop sells.”

Susan Cox, who works at the checkout, said, “We’ve never experienced this sort of rush before! We even had to get weird Bob from the outdoor garden department on the tills. There was so many people with only a few a checkouts open, it was like weekend shopping in Lidl.”

People have taken to social media to show off their plant purchase!

More stock is being ordered, even though the nursery admits it doesn’t quite understand why there is such a demand for the plant. Artificial rubber versions of the plant have also been ordered, which could turn out to be more popular than the real plant as many people to ask if they can pre-order.

The new stock, including the artificial plants, is due in on Wednesday and will be available on Thursday.

Will the demand be the same? We’ll have to wait and see!


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