Statue to be erected outside Carrow Road.

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There are reports that Norwich City Football Club are going to follow many other clubs and erect a statue outside the ground.

The information was leaked by someone visiting a statue sculptures workshop. The unfinished statue was meant to be covered​ up but was noticed by the visitor.

The unknown visitor snapped a quick photo and posted it on Twitter. Unfortunately the tweet has now been deleted but it apparently showed a 8ft high figure on a round base which had the Canaries badge.

The same company who produced Arsenal’s Bergkamp statue has been commissioned

We have contacted the club but they are yet to reply. We have spoke to a source close to Delia who couldn’t give us every detail but we do have some.

The statue will be put unveiled in the summer, possibly July.

The club has been given permission by the council to place the statue here, shown by the yellow oval on the below photo.

It will be of a statue of a man. We asked if it is an ex-player or ex-manager but our source declined to comment. We found this strange as who else could it be?

Rumours of who the statue could be honouring are:


Jeremy Goss – Scored that famous goal against Bayern Munich. Could be a statue of him mid-volley.


Nigel Worthington – Saved Norwich from relegation and then gained promotion to the Premier League.


Darren Huckerby – One of the most popular ex-Norwich players. Still very popular but mainly for giving his wife bants on Twitter.


Prince – As our source declined to confirm it was a player or manager, could Delia be doing an ‘Al Fayed’. (When owner of Fulham, Mohamed Al Fayed put a statue of Michael Jackson outside Craven Cottage.) It’s a well known fact Delia is a massive Prince fan, could this be her tribute to the late entertainer?


Who do you think the statue will be of? Do you agree with our suggestions?


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