Normal for Norfolk’s Desmond Removes Famous Eyebrows. Looks Completely Different!

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Normal for Norfolk star Desmond MacCarthy has had a makeover after appearing on a Kellogg’s TV advertisement.

Fame seems to have gone to Desmond’s head, literally. He visited a beauty salon in Fakenham to get his trademark eyebrows tamed.

Desmond appearing in the Kellogg’s TV advertisement.

As you can see from the photo (below) taken shortly after, he looks completely different. He was able to walk around Fakenham town centre without being mobbed by his adoring fans.

Owner of beauty salon, Big Bush Little Bush Bleach That Box, Pauline Smith said, “We had to be careful whilst trimming Mr MacCarthy’s brows as he wanted to keep the hair. I have stuck his famous brow whiskers on to a bit of scrap paper and shoved them in a frame.”

Looking fresh! Desmond in Fakenham with his new brow cut.

Brow technician, Chelseigh Efsee, described how she sculpted Desmond’s brows, “First I removed all the things that inhabited his eyebrows with a gentle wash and conditioner, I made sure all the organisms had gone by whipping out the Dyson. I carefully removed the long strands and then shaped the brows by threading.”

This may be nice news for Des but bad news if you want to visit his restaurant. If you see him in the kitchen and you find a long, coarse black hair in your food, you would just presume it’s an eyebrow hair. But now the eyebrows have been removed, which other body part has the black and curly detached from?


We have now found out that Desmond is auctioning off his eyebrows on eBay – see image below.


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