Norfolk Buses to Offer First Class Travel

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A local bus company are to offer a first class travel option on the routes across Norfolk and Suffolk that use a double-decker bus.

The first class tickets will be priced at triple the cost of a standard ticket. The upper deck of the bus will be used solely for first class passengers.

The company hopes that this service will attract more middle-class members of the public. The first class area of the bus will not only offer a sanctuary away from the usual bus passenger but will include; larger leather seats with more leg room, seat service offering bottled drinks and snacks and plug points for electronic devices.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We’re really excited about this new service. We’re offering a first class experience for our more privileged passengers, which includes an air flow system and filter so that the general bad odour of our regular customers is not inhaled.”

If a first class passenger is in a hurry to get to their destination they will be able to advise the driver, who will have the authority to miss other stops, unless another first class passenger needs to depart.

Standard ticket passengers will, “just have to deal with it and get off at the nearest stop, or buy a higher priced ticket”.

The photo we have acquired shows that seats have been designed by Louis Vuitton and the floor has a wood effect. We have been informed that there are screens in the back of the seat headrest where movies or journey tracking can be viewed. Headphones are available, in case the noise from the rabble below causes an interference to a peaceful, respectful journey.

This new service is due to start in March 2017.

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  • Stupid idea if you can afford first class on a bus why don’t you rich people just buy a car???? This is being ridiculous busses are for people who maybe can’t drive or afford a car not to be put down about the amount of money they have,stupid scum bags

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