New Species of Bird Found in Norfolk – Named After Norfolk Surname


A new species of bird has been found in Norfolk. The bird is a new species of Lark and it has been named the Larkman. The Latin scientific name is Alaudidae Nickdyabike.

The bird was found in Norfolk and not known to habitat anywhere else, it was named after the Larkman surname, which is also thought to of originated from Norfolk.

The Larkman’s feet are white with distinctive black marks which strangely resembles a sports logo. The bird’s chest has it’s own unique markings, that look like tribal tattoos, if the tattooist was Stevie Wonder.

A female Larkman showing off her gold stash and breast.

Similar to some cuckoos, the Larkman can’t be arsed to make its own nest, so without any guilt or hesitation, it steals another bird’s nest.

The female Larkman steals gold plated jewellery and adorns it to attract a mate. Not surprisingly, the bird was first spotted outside an Argos, with the possible intentions of thieving from people with Elizabeth Duke purchases.

It has been reported that flocks of adult Larkmans have been gathering at people’s windows and looking in watching the TV during the day. Experts have said that the young Larkmans are left to their own devices while the adults watch Jeremy Kyle and Homes Under the Hammer.

Some Norwich residents have even reported that large groups of Larkmans have actually broken in and stolen items from their house. Flying off with expensive items and cash. Some Larks have even been found waiting outside Cash Converters with the stolen goods, with the intention to trade them for nuts and trill.

A Larkman victim accesses the damage caused.

Large groups of bird watchers have been flocking to Norwich to get a glimpse of the rare bird. They have been advised to keep their distance as there is a danger they might be attacked by the birds or have their camera equipment stolen.


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