New Haircut Craze Amongst Teenagers – The Trump

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A barbers in Norwich is offering a new hairstyle and it has been surprisingly popular. It’s called the ‘Trump’ and you’ve guessed it, it’s based on President Donald Trump’s hair!

Mike Hoggington, owner of the barbers Mike Hair, started offering the hairstyle as joke before it became popular. Mike explained, “I posted on Facebook saying I was going to start doing the Donald Trump hairstyle as a joke! The next day a young lad came in asked for the style, I thought he was joking. He wasn’t and I gave him the style. He must of been a popular kid as the next day three more lads turned up after the same thing.”

Over the next week demand for the ‘Trump’ had grown and Mike was booked up. He had even started working Sundays to fit everybody in. Teenagers had travelled from outside Norwich, as far as Hunstanton to get the cut.

Two popular school boys with The Trump hairstyle. Two other lads not so popular.

Caleb Downes, the boy who first got the cut said, “I got it done for lols but I actually quite liked it. It’s weird being the first person to start this new hair fashion, well the second as Donald Trump started it off. My Mum says I’m her little trend setter but my Dad says that I look like a total berk and makes me wear a hat when I’m out with him.”

We spoke to Jayden Jones who also has the hairstyle, “I got the hairstyle because everybody else is getting it. It’s lit. Only problem is that it takes about an hour to style. My Mum is annoyed as I have to use her hairdryer in the morning.”

The original advert Mike posted on Facebook.

The craze has now progressed from teenagers to men. Mike has had to produce another advert to pull in the older customers. He has had to employ and train another barber to accommodate the influx of new customers. Mike has ‘trumped’ his previous money earned in a week record.

New advert targeting men. He has had to start bleaching men’s hair to perfect the style.

Are you going to have a ‘Trump’ on your head? What would you think if your partner or son came home with the style? Let us know by commenting below.


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