Is Winter Coming to Norfolk?


Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor and location manager Robbie Boake were spotted at Wymondham Abbey on Wednesday.

The two men were identified by mega fan Hugh Ware. Hugh, who at first he didn’t recognise the men, noticed that they weren’t acting like the normal visitors. They were walking around the grounds, stopping every so often and looking through a rectangle made with their hands.

Hugh explained, “I walked a bit closer to the men and then recognised Alan Taylor. I had to double check by looking on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) on my phone. ”

Hugh Ware, Game of Thrones fanboy.

Hugh did try to approach the men but, probably as he looks like a massive nerd, they made a quick escape. He tried to run after the director but gave up after about 5 metres.

One of our reporters, Jim Snew, went to speak to Wymondham Abbey parish secretary Mrs Y Gritte. Unfortunately she was not giving anything away. Jim persisted to ask, “is Game of Thrones using the abbey as a filming location?” But all she repeatedly replied was, “You know nothing, Jim Snew”.

Jon Snow Game of Thrones Wymondham
Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow.

Jim went to a tearoom in Wymondham town centre to find out what people thought about the likes of Kit Harington coming to the town. Jim asked, “What do you think about winter coming to Wymondham?”. Doris Smith, 78, giggled, “Ohh, I’d love to have 6 to 8 inches of snow, lol” and Enid, 82, revealed, “I love to play with snowballs”.

If this was true, it seems the Wymondham locals would love to see Game of Thrones come to the town.

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