Embarrassed Ed Buys Restaurant a Happy Meal

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Ed Sheeran bought everyone a happy meal in a packed McDonald’s after failing to execute a sneaky fart.

The famous singer from Framlingham was wearing a disguise, a cap and sunglasses, while having a peaceful evening meal in McDonald’s in Thetford. Unfortunately the peace didn’t last long. He was happily tucking into a large Big Mac meal with a banana milkshake plus an extra Filet-O-Fish when he experienced some lower abdominal discomfort.

Ed Sheeran Warning Sign About The Risk of Farting
Ed posts a warning on social media about the risk of farting in public.

Thinking that it was just wind, Ed slowly squeezed to prise out the unwanted gas. Disastrously Ed let off a monstrous noise from his rear end. The stench of the rip, and possible slight follow through, hit 7 year old Kayleigh McCourt who was sitting directly behind, full in the face. The fragrance made the small girl projectile vomit all over her young brother, 3 year old Jaydn.

The cloud made its way around the whole McDonald’s, creating havoc (and some laughter) before having its last hurrah by knocking out OAP David Brown and then slipping out through a window. Even though Mr Brown suffered no physical damage, he was hurt emotionally as when he awoke he had a half eaten double cheeseburger stuck to his forehead. Someone took a photo, shared it online and has since been created into a meme.

Photo of David Brown that has been circulated around social media.

Ed, horrified by his accident, took off his disguise. This changed the mood of the restaurant as everyone was excited to see that it was Sheeran. He apologised by buying everybody a happy meal and even performed a few songs, which were, Stinking Out Loud, Small Trump and I’m a Mess.

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