Doris Blows Roof off Reymerston Church.

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Reymerston church has had its whole roof blown off by storm Doris.

The devastating gale force winds of Doris damaged numerous properties around Norfolk including Reymerston church.

The roof of St Peter’s was being battered by the wind throughout Thursday evening and finally gave way about 22:30 by totally unattaching and flying off.

Artist’s impression of roof being remove from church by a gust from Doris.

Mr Frank Underwood, whose house neighbours the church, saw the incident, “It looked like a scene from The Wizard of Oz! The roof lifted right off. I’m glad that it didn’t hurt anybody but I’m even more pleased it didn’t damage my house or my garden, as I’ve just had the driveway resurfaced.”

Mr Underwood’s wife Claire told us, “The church has an annual roof collection to keep the roof maintained, but now I mention it, I can’t remember ever seeing work being done.”

We spoke to Revd Doug Stamper, who unfortunately is on holiday in Bali at the moment, via telephone. Doug reacted to the news of the roof, “I’m absolutely gutted. When I heard of the news I was so distraught I had to go for massage.” When asked about how the roof will be replaced, “I’m not sure, we had an annual roof maintenance donation scheme to keep the roof in good condition, I didn’t expect the whole thing to feck off!”

Revd Doug Stamper pictured in front of the rectory with the ‘Christmobile’, his new sports car.

Visitors of the church are being asked to check the weather before attending and to wear suitable clothing.

There has been a request that everyone of a Christian faith please pray for the roof to be fixed promptly and ask God to sort his wind out and not damage the roof again. #prayforreymerston


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