David Beckham House Hunting in Holt?


David Beckham was spotted taking an afternoon shopping trip around Holt this afternoon. Local residents, workers and travelling shoppers were surprised to be treated to a glimpse of one of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Eye witnesses said that Beckham spent most of his time looking at properties in the window of a high street estate agents. While David wasn’t possibly house hunting, he bought a pasty in a deli and visited the convenience store Premier, which he reportedly purchased a packet of rich tea biscuits and two £1 scratch cards.

Golden balls unfortunately didn’t have a scratch inside the shop so we do not know if the cards were winners or not.


Local resident, Jay Slater, asked the ex-England footballer for a ‘selfie’ to which he, probably reluctantly (judging by the look of Mr Slater), agreed. The ‘lucky’ Jay said, “I’m going to get this photo framed and hang it next to my other famous person selfie, who was with John Leslie, the former Blue Peter presenter.”

Holt, known for it’s art galleries, antique emporiums and upper-class, generously priced shops, is not uncustomary to a famous person gracing the town’s streets. Frequent visitors are model and body builder Jodie Marsh and composer Tony Britten, known as “that bloke who wrote the UEFA Champions League song”.

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