Chaos at Asda as Temperatures Rise!

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Asda on Drayton High Road Norwich has ran out of stock of size XXXL vest tops, cans of Stella Artois and cigarettes.

It is thought that because of temperatures predicted to reach a scorching 25°C, local residents are rushing to Asda and panic buying to get prepared for the heat wave.

The XXXL vest tops were sold out by 11:00 and the cigarettes and Stella Artois by 11:30.

Store manager, Bob, was surprised, “Due to the store location, a lot of the local residents come here for a day out, but I’ve never seen this amount of people here. The local pubs or jobcentre must be closed today!”

Shop worker, Alison, said, “I’ve never seen so many people with walking aids move so quickly,  it looked like they didn’t even need them. I guess they won’t let their disability get in the way of a bit of sun!”

A shopper leaves with her warmer weather essentials.

There was a fight over the last vest top. Two ladies in their late 30s, both using mobility scooters, were having a tug of war over the item of clothing. An on-looker described the fight, “It was like a scene from Gladiator! But with betty boop tattoos, bingo wings, the smell of body odour and electrical burning.”

Another witness said, “I thought they were fighting over a bed sheet.”

Asda say that they will have more stock due in tomorrow and have asked customers not to panic buy.

If you are looking to get prepared for the warmer weather, don’t bother, it is going to rain after the bank holiday weekend.


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