Can You Help? £1000 and Wine Bottle Stoppers Found in Norwich.

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A man has found a suitcase in a black cab in Norwich and wants to reunite it with its owner.

Mr Stuart Duffel found the case during his taxi ride from St Giles street to The Taxi Rank on Guildhall Hill.

Taxi where Stuart found the suitcase.

When Mr Duffel looked inside at the contents he admitted that he should of just nicked it but he had already mentioned it to the driver.

Mr Duffel handed the suitcase into police but as it was over 28 days ago he is able to claim it for himself.

He is desperate to find the owner as the bag contained £1000 in ten pound notes and a selection, of which Mr Duffel can only guess, are wine bottle stoppers.

Photo Mr Duffel took of the suitcase before he handed it into police.

“I wasn’t sure what these rubber items were!”, explained Stuart. “But then it clicked that they were bottle stoppers for keeping drink fresh, presumably wine.”

He admits that he licked one of them, “I’m no wine connoisseur but I’ve never tasted a wine like that before.”

Given the amount of cash in the suitcase, we’re not sure why the owner hasn’t come forward.

Also a larger stopper had a bit of sweetcorn stuck to it with what looked like gravy. Maybe another clue to find the owner.

Someone who deals in wine, has sweetcorn with a roast and works in Norwich.

Do you have any idea who the bag belongs to?


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