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Norfolk flying van driver blames Grand Theft Auto

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Lars Van Takeoff, 42, who lives in Thetford, the driver of the van that launched over the A11 roundabout near Attleborough in Norfolk, has confessed that he was in some sort of trance from playing too many computer games.

Lars feels ashamed of his actions and is glad that no one got hurt but he insists he didn’t mean to be driving so dangerously.

He explained, “I had been playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA) on my PlayStation for 27 hours straight as I needed to build up my cocaine business but it was hard as loads of annoying 9 year old idiots kept on killing me and stealing my deliveries.”

Grand Theft Auto is a game based on crime, violence, sex, drugs and alcohol. Where you can roam about a city and do pretty much anything.

Lars then went to bed and woke up the next day and went to drive to work, “I woke up and got in my van as usual and set off to Norwich. You know sometimes when you drift off thinking and can’t remember driving? Well that sort of happened.”

Approaching the roundabout, “For some reason I thought I was playing GTA and that a load of 9 year olds were chasing me with flying cars and tanks, trying to steal my cocaine! That’s when I saw the roundabout, I thought that would be a bit of a shortcut so I floored it!”

Flying van A11 Norfolk

“I snapped out of my trance mid-jump unfortunately, it was a bit of a surprise having my steering wheel smash me in the face!”

Luckily Lars or anyone else wasn’t too badly injured.

Lars thinks it could of been much worse, “I’m think I’m lucky as my GTA trance could of been worse, I could of gone and got a hooker, mowed some people down on the pavement or set up a criminal network dealing in drugs, guns and car theft all while swearing at little kids!”

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