X Factor Auditions Coming to Norwich. Celebrity Judge to Attend!


X Factor 2017 is coming to Norwich on Friday 14th April.

The auditions will be held at the Castle Mall at 10am to 5pm.

Instead of just the producers judging the regional auditions, there will also be a celebrity for each city to assist. Norwich’s celebrity judge is rumoured to be Ulric Browne, who you may recognise as the market seller bloke who hangs around in the background on EastEnders.

Ulric claims that his hair clippers always run out of charge just before he finishes shaving his head.

The show is also visiting Ipswich but there has been some controversy as an X Factor insider has leaked that the show is only going there to find the ‘special’ and ‘unique’ contestants and that any hopefuls who can actually sing to not bother even going.

Due to the amount of strange and bizarre people that occupy Suffolk, it has been the go to place to find the awful auditions that give the show a bit of comic relief from over the top, emotional sob stories that now always seem to preceed every TV audition.

Ipswich boy band White Lightning preparing for their audition.

Many contestants from Ipswich have tried to use the fact that they live in Ipswich as a sob story but due to the amount of people using that same story of living in a rubbish town, producers thought it wasn’t unique enough.

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