Why don’t you see white dog poo anymore? We have found the answer!

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Here at the Norfolk Herald we like to tackle important issues head on. One such issue that has plagued people’s minds over the last decade or more is, why don’t we see white dog poo anymore?

People have came up with possible answers to the mystery over the years but nothing has ever been proved correct. Here’s a few:

  • Is it because dog owners are more respectful or the law is being inforced better so dog poo is being cleaned up? Therefore a variety of dog turd is not being observed?
  • Do the Chinese think that white dog poo has medical properties and is being collected by poachers and sold on the dark web?
  • Are drug dealers collecting the white poo, grinding it down into powder and adding it to cocaine to bulk up their supply?

To finally put an end to this conundrum we thought about praying to God for the answer, but as we didn’t have the time we decided to contact Dr Steve Log, a local dog enthusiast who also happens to be a biochemistry lecturer at the UEA. We asked Steve if he could conduct a study and see if he could help us get to the bottom of this.

After a month of research and experiments, Dr Log experimented with his dog. He reached a conclusion and finally solved the puzzle! We will now proudly reveal and explain the answer to the question that has been confusing people for many years.

It’s all down to the dog’s diet! Back in the time when white dog poo littered the earth, dogs meals were mostly comprised of meat and bones. Because dogs ate more bones, their poo was rich in calcium. The poo curled out brown but after sitting in the sun for day or so, the water evaporated and other organic components degraded. This left a dry, hard poo, whitened by the calcium.

Dog’s meals nowadays are mostly biscuits and tins of meat, nothing natural so not much calcium is consumed.

Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself, give your dog some bones (I’ve been told not chicken bones cooked or uncooked) and leave their poo out of the patio to dry for a bit.

If you do the experiment, take a photo and show us by posting it on our Facebook page.


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