Trump Bust in Hingham Church


A bust of President Donald Trump is to be displayed in St. Andrews church, Hingham.

The local Hingham town committee were looking through old records when they saw the surname MacLeod. Noticing that it was strange to have a Scottish name showing in the records from the 17th century, Lizzy Bert secretary of the Hingham History Crew, decided to investigate more.

Could this be what the bust will look like?

A few months (and lots more boring details) later, Liz confirmed that the name was Mary Joan MacLeod, who was mother of Mary Jean MacLeod, who was mother to Mary MacLeod, who was mother of Mary Anne MacLeod, who emigrated to the United States and married Fred Trump. Who then gave birth to Donald.

St. Andrews church already has a bust of an American president displayed within its walls, Abraham Lincoln. Abraham’s great great great grandfather Samuel Lincoln, emigrated to America and founded Hingham, Massachusetts.

Some Hingham residents weren’t so keen on the idea, “There’s already lots of annoying old farts in Hingham, we don’t want another Trump!” and, “The church is for love, worship and getting out of the cold if there’s nowhere else to go, it is not for hate and stupid hair! I don’t want a Trump in the church!”

Or something like this?

There were some contrasting views, one from an owner of a local newsagent, “I love Trump. I am so pleased there is going to be a bust, it’s like winning the lottery, for real!”

Another from shop owner, Garry Blaxman, “I share a common interest with Trump, I also have a Russian friend.” Does Garry’s Russian friend also just pretend to like him for ulterior motives?

The Trump bust unveiling ceremony will be on Saturday 11th August 2018.


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