The Walking Dead Star Buys Property in Swaffham!

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American actor Steve Sloth has bought a property in the Norfolk town if Swaffham.

Steve is most known for appearing in popular zombie TV series The Walking Dead. As a new character of the show, he has only had under a minute air time spanning over a couple of episodes. Although despite this, probably due to his stellar performances and likeability of his character, he has already built up a massive fan following.

The Swaffham pad is the ex-house of Michael Carroll, the first chav lottery winner. Mr Carroll blew all nine million on scrap cars, crack cocaine, below-par prostitutes, gold chains and Burberry caps.

Steve at Comic Con with fellow actors Jeffery Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln.

Steve, who plays the Gremblygunk, Eugene’s new BFF in season 7 of The Walking Dead, has vowed not to follow in the same footsteps of the lotto lout.

He said that he is very lucky to be in the position he is in as it was a stroke of luck he landed the role. The first choice for the role was Andy Amoeba, but unfortunately for him he was kidnapped by a young child and was not released in time for filming.

Andrew was photographed with his captor Olufemi.

Due to the state of the house, Steve bought it for £600,000 less than it was previously purchased for. With his new paid job and merchandise income stream, he is going to renovate the whole house to a high standard. It is rumoured that each room will feature a real tree for Steve to relax and climb on.

Steve said the house was in as bad state as some of The Walking Dead sets.

It is also rumoured that he is dating Upsy Daisy from Cbeebies show In the Night Garden but they have not officially confirmed their relationship.


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