Storm brings Trump to Norfolk!


The thunderstorm that swept across Norfolk Friday night not only brought much needed rain but also the Trump Baby Blimp!

The owners of the Trump Baby Blimp posted on their Facebook account Friday night that the storm had taken the blimp.

They were attending a festival on the outskirts of London when the thunderstorm, with its strong winds, blew in. It is thought that they did not have enough time to deflate the Trump baby blimp and it flew off up above the clouds.

The blimp had made it all the way to Norwich and was found this morning by a Mile Cross resident, in her back garden!

Trump lands in Norfolk back garden
Trump sunbathing in Chanelle’s garden.

Chantelle Smith, 21, who lives on Woodcock Road, explained how she woke up to a fat Donald Trump baby in her garden.

“When I went outside in the morning for a fag I didn’t notice it at first. After my fifth fag, I noticed a strange orange thing at the bottom of the garden, then I saw it! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

She continued, “I had to go and touch it to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.”

Trump destroys garden tent.

Unfortunately the Trump Baby didn’t come peacefully and just float down into the garden. It left a trail of destruction during its descent.

It bounced through a few gardens, destroying some garden furniture and more notably (and surprisingly) Chantelle’s Mexican neighbour’s garden wall and then finally crushing Chantelle’s son’s trampoline.

Mexican sings about his knocked down wall
José, the Mexican neighbour, singing his new song, “My wall has been knocked down, this has made me frown.”

Chanelle’s seven year old son Kai, saved all his money from stealing bikes for a day last summer to buy his trampoline.

“I did quite like Trump but now I’ve changed my mind!”, confessed Chantelle. “He’s made my little Kai cry, the bastard.”

Chanelle’s boyfriend, Jaydeen, didn’t seem that bothered, “I would of preferred if it was a blow-up version of Melania, it would get more use than the trampoline.”

The Trump Baby Blimp owners have been notified and are on their way to retrieve it.

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