Puppet Man Auditions on Britain’s Got Talent!

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One of Norfolk’s gems, the Puppet Man, has auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. A photo was taken by an audience member which had been shared online.

The photo of the puppet man, real name David Orville Perry, shows him performing his famous puppet spasm dance in front of Simon Cowell and the other judges.

His act which he regularly performs on the streets of Norwich and Great Yarmouth, has been described as if Rod Hull and Emu were on acid, singing karaoke, while being given an electric shock.


Dave on stage at BGT.

The photo shows that none of the judges have pressed their red button but it is not known if he progressed to the next stage of the competition.

We have asked the Puppet Man to comment but he has remained tight lipped on the BGT audition. Although he did say, “Rarr ra raaa rarrra da daaa darrrr da raa rarrr! Debbie McGee is ma mum! ”

We’re not sure what to make of that or the authenticity of the photo , but we are sure we will be watching Britain’s Got Talent to see if Norfolk’s most famous busker performs.

Puppet Man reading The Norfolk Herald with one of his puppets called Twatty McWoof.

The Puppet Man has been seen on national television before. He has appeared on Sky programme Soccer AM, where character Frankie Fryer visits football grounds and surrounding areas around the country.

Watch the video below, truly outstanding work especially at the end.


In other news – man photoshops Norwich celebrities into TV programmes.



  • “We’re not sure what to make of that, but we are sure we won’t be watching Britain’s Got Talent to see how Norfolk’s most famous busker gets on.”

    You “won’t” be watching ??

  • This person is always “performing” in Lowestoft too…he is creepy, he frightens the kids and he should be moved on, disgusting little man.

  • I don’t know if this is a wind-up, but the puppet man is a lovely bloke. Always polite and will hold a conversation with you if you stop for a moment.

    Some of the comments about him here are truly awful. He doesn’t scare children and would be mortified if he read what some of you have written about him. Really, those of you who just posted mean, nasty comments about him should rethink your attitude to life. Yes, he may be enduring some form of mental health issues, but to actually take time out of your lives to verbally kick the man down is sickening.

    No, of course he wouldn’t progress on BGT, but if he did go on the show then at least he had the bollocks to go for it. Leave the bloke alone and good luck to him.

  • You lot who are bashing your out of order at least he’s got the bollocks to do it. You lot havent. He’s probably worked all his life and dosent sponge of the government. He ain’t a good singer and he does look out of place but he does bing a smile to my face. Whether it be in Lowestoft great Yarmouth or Norwich hats of to him

  • I have known the puppet man from years ago. He is a nice bloke and would never ever frighten children. He performs in Norwich. Yarmouth and Lowestoft. All the money he makes he gives to charity and has raised thousands of pounds. So all you moaners out there don’t knock him for doing what he does. To me that makes him a great bloke.

  • The puppet man takes out a bit of cash for himself and gives the rest to local charities. He doesn’t look great, he certainly doesn’t sound great, but it’s free entertainment, good for him for giving but we all know he wouldn’t win, but for his work and charity ethics he’s a winner!!!!!

  • Wasn’t he banned from GT Yarmouth for some time for attempting to fondle young girls?

    There’s also a short documentary online about him mentioning this and the fact he believes he has a girlfriend who he can’t speak about because she works on babe station, that’s where that hard money goes, shaking that hand with a puppet on it then doing the same at home to babe station! What a nice man, a nice dirty old man.

    I agree, he’s an embarrassment to Norfolk, not just because of how he behaves, while performing or just existing, but to everyone that encourages him and to everyone that doesn’t get him off the street!

    There are some truly talented buskers in Norwich, artists that have spent years honing a craft and then pouring it out onto the streets to brighten peoples days, make a few quid and hopefully get noticed. Then a man with a trolley, a boomblaster and a bag of dirty old puppets comes along, shaking his arm like he’s pleasuring a horse while making noises that even children question the point of, drowns them out and causes them to either move on or have to pay him to leave!!!

    The idea that he would audition for a television show with talent in the name is an utter joke, he may as well have gone up, removed his trousers and relieved himself on the stage, because that’s what he’s doing to the word talent and in fact the word Britan!

    • If you watch that video, he explains about that victimisation storm in a teacup that blew up into a witch hunt. Unfortunately he’s not the master of manipulation that his interviewer is. Nor is he a shining example of humanity – or the only man who uses Babe Station. I’d like to know what makes some of you so ‘holier than thou’ and ready to believe the worst. I see the Puppet Man as a Norwich Institution. He has for decades been a jolly presence and a breath of fresh air, and I shall continue to show him off to friends who visit, and brighten their day!

  • The thing is these so called talent shows always put these sort of performers through.
    They know he is bad but still put him on TV?
    They must also know the damage this can do to a person but as it’s for TV it seems anything is possible.
    I really hope it brings him fame and fortune.
    Perhaps the country should get together and vote for him to win if he makes the live shows.

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