McDonald’s to trial delivery service in Norwich.

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McDonald’s are going to trial a local delivery service in Norwich.

Norwich will be the first place in the United Kingdom to trial this new service. The service will only run at Norwich Longwater and will cover a 5 mile radius.

Customers will have to order online and select a delivery slot, much like online food shopping. Due to keep inline with government healthy eating guidelines, you will only be able to order to one address once a week.

McDonald’s are going to release an app for iOS and Android. You will only be able to use it when you are within the 5 mile radius of the restaurant so you will have to have your location services enabled.

Also to again to keep to government healthy eating standards, a delivery driver can refuse to deliver if he or she thinks that the receiptient should not be eating fast food. The meal can also be substituted for fruit, salad and fish fingers.

The delivery will be made by a driver, who will be wearing a Ronald McDonald inspired uniform, driving a sign written Smart car.

This is how your McDonald’s order will be delivered – by some bellend in a Ronald McDonald costume.

McDonald’s understands that some people may not want the attention of a clown driving a bright yellow and red car turning up outside their house. So for an increased delivery charge a more discreet delivery can be selected.

The discreet service will not have any McDonald’s branded uniform or car and the food order will be packaged in a plain cardboard box.

McDonald’s are currently looking for delivery drivers. To apply you must have over one year of driving experience, be willing to drive through some parts of Norwich and have experience of applying make-up.

To comply with equality and diversity standards, visually impaired people may apply but they must have a driver willing to drive them around for free. Also if they have a guide dog, the dog must be well trained and not sneakily eat the food orders.


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