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“Criminals tattooed my cat Jeffrey!” Norwich tattooist arrested for tattooing family felines.

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Tattooist Jay Cole, who was working at Two in the Ink tattoo studio in Norwich, has been arrested on the suspicion of tattooing people’s pet cats.

Mr Cole is no stranger to breaking the law and has links with local drug dealers and other criminals. It is understood that he was being paid to tattoo cats.

It is thought that the cats were, and maybe still are, being used to record and conceal important information for Norwich drug lords.

Joyce Brown from Edwards Road in Sprowston, was the first person to discover her cat had been inked, “I took my cat Jeffrey for a minor operation at the vets and the next thing I know I’ve got the RSPCA at my door!”

The RSPCA officer told Mrs Brown that when the vet shaved a section of the cat’s fur, a tattoo was slightly visible. The vet shaved the rest to uncover a tattoo of a cannabis leaf and some numbers.

Jeffrey with his new tattoo.

Mrs Brown had to explain she knew nothing about it, “I was so surprised and upset. The only thing I could think of is that Jeffrey went missing for about 3 weeks about 2 months ago.”

Police were called about the issue. The numbers were GPS coordinates which were investigated. About £250,000 worth of cannabis and £50,000 in cash was found at the location.

Police constable David Truch said, “Drug dealers are stealing people’s pet cats, tattooing them with secret information, waiting for the hair to grow back and then returning them home. The name and address of the cat can then be passed on to other criminals who can retrieve the information by identifying the cat by its name tag, stealing it and then shaving it. This is a very clever way of hiding information from police, it probably would of gone undetected for years, unlucky for them Mrs Brown’s Jeffrey needed surgery.”

A notebook had been found on a previous police drug raid in Norwich. The notebook contained random names with addresses which the police could not decipher. It is now thought that these are names of tattooed cats and their addresses holding important information.

The notepad containing names and addresses of the cats. Also showing what was stashed at the tattooed location.

Police have started visiting these addresses equipped with a set of Nicky Clarke hair clippers. If you live in Norwich and your cat mysteriously went missing for about 3 weeks but returned home, you may expect a visit from the Norfolk Constabulary asking to shave your cat.

Police have issued a warning informing people not to shave their own pussy. It is a delicate thing to do, which could cause damage if not done incorrectly. The police have specially trained officers to carry out the procedure.

The Sprowston Women’s Institute has started knitting coats for cold and embarrassed cats that unfortunately needed to be shaved. If you want to help get in touch with us.


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