Costa Coffee to launch new type of coffee only in Norfolk.

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Costa Coffee are going to release a new coffee drink in Norfolk before anywhere else in the country.

The drink is going to be a new type of cappuccino. It will contain the usual ingredients, double espresso, hot milk and milk foam but with something extra.

The added ingredient is ispaghula husk. Not heard of it before? Well it’s a type of fibre used as a laxative. Costa are partnering with Fybogel to produce an ‘on the go laxative drink’ for customers who are a little stuck.

The new hot medicated beverage will be called the Costa Cappooccino. Costa are aiming to appeal to the constipated amongst us. With the amount of unhealthy and fast food being eaten due to the hectic society we live in, our bowel movements are having the opposite effect.

The advertisement Costa will be using.

Lou Staines, manager of Costa in Chapelfield, said, “We’re really excited to be the first Costa shop to launch this exciting new coffee! Not only will it taste amazing but it will help many people be strain free. It will help people who are in pain and will make their day more efficient – no more mid-afternoons sat on the toilet at work, pushing and sweating while playing Candy Crush.”

Lou also added, “People have laxatives at home but they are either in the form of a sachet, which is awkward to prepare on the go, or in a large glass bottle, which is awkward to carry around. The Cappooccino kills two birds with one stone, you can have your morning or lunchtime coffee and your medication at the same time!”

Costa and Fybogel joining forces.

The launch date of the Cappooccino is Monday 24th April at the Chapelfield shop and Tuesday 25th April at all other Costa’s around Norfolk. Customers will be able to sample the new drink for free and will be able to purchase one for half the price on the launch days.

Costa Coffee have issued some warnings about drinking a Cappooccino, these will be printed on the coffee cups.

  • Only purchase a Cappooccino if you have not passed for at least 48 hours, if not this could have adverse effects and there is a high risk of filling one’s pants.
  • Don’t trust a fart, even if it feels safe, it probably isn’t.

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