Charity that is trying to save the name Gary opens first shop in Norwich.

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A new charity has opened its first shop in Norwich. The charity is called Saving Gary.

The charity is fighting to keep the name Gary alive. The name Gary over the last few decades has seen a major drop in popularity in baby names. There is a fear that the name may become extinct.

The charity shop will work like any other charity shop, people donate their second hand belongings to the shop, the shop workers will separate the decent items from the crap. The crap will be sold in the shop and the decent items will probably be taken home and used or sold on eBay. The money that is made from the sales of old Davina McCall fitness DVDs, Katie Price autobiographies and stained clothes will be used to promote the name Gary.

A new scheme the charity is advertising is a called Give Us a Gary. Saving Gary are offering expecting couples or single mothers, who are on a low household income, financial support for the first year of their child’s life. The support will only be granted if the baby is a boy and is named Gary.

Saving Gary has two celebrity Gary charity ambassadors, Gary Lucy and Gary Neville. The Garys are very proud of their name and will use their famous Gary names to promote and raise money for the charity. Gary Neville’s father’s name is Neville Neville, this has given Gary inspiration to raise money by getting sponsored to change his name to Gary Gary.

Gary Payne set up the charity and feels very passionately about his name and is determined to stop the demise of Gary, “The meaning of the name Gary is mighty with a spear”, said Gary. “It upsets me that Gary has been forgotten about and has fallen out of fashion. Young kids only know of the name Gary because it is jokingly used as a name for a snail in a cartoon! The snail even bloody meows for Christ’s sake!” Gary showing signs of distress said, “A snail that meows while living in a pineapple under the sea with a talking sponge…. could be called any name in the world… but no, let’s call it Gary, bloody Gary! What has the world come to?”

Gary the snail from the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants

The new Saving Gary shop is on London Street, Norwich. Are you a Gary? Why not pop down to the shop and buy a grandad outfit or a novelty toilet brush and support the Gary name. You could even meet Norwich City legend Gary Megson, who regularly volunteers at the shop and will sell autographs​ and selfies for the generous price of 50p.

The Norfolk Herald is proud to announce that it has partnered with Saving Gary and will be donating a percentage of our profit to the charity and will help raise awareness.

Want to help? Tag someone pregnant or someone called Gary on our Facebook page to help spread the word of this truly awful situation.

Maybe you could help bring more Garys into the world!

Thank you.


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