Babestation to be Based in Norwich but with a Strange New Feature

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The company that owns Babestation has rented a premises in Norwich on Prince of Wales Road.

The once office has now been converted into a Babestation TV studio and will feature one major difference which will be unique to Norwich.

Location of new Babestation TV studio.

The set where the performer is situated will have a window behind which will look straight out onto Prince of Wales Road at street level. This means viewers will be able to see the Norwich nightlife in the background and the nightlife will be able to see a half-naked woman wiggling her arse at a camera.

We are not sure if the producers have researched the area at night but there is going to be hordes of drunks, that will have their faces pressed up against the glass, shouting obscenities, possibly urinating and throwing doner kebabs. We are not sure how this will benefit the channel, we can only think that it’s a publicity stunt.

Possible scene of new Norwich Babestation channel.

We have contacted Sellfast Group, the company who own Babestation, and asked them about the window. They declined to comment on the new feature but did ask us to inform our readers that they will be looking for local ‘models’ and that several vacancies will be available.

They gave us details of what sort of employee they are after, which are:

  • Female 18 – 75
  • Must be moderately attractive
  • Have a good telephone manner – or least be able to listen to and answer simple questions – be able to make fake grunty enjoyment sounds
  • Skilled in makeup application, must be able to apply enough makeup to make themselves look at least 50% less attractive – that thick black permanent marker style eyebrows a must
  • Preferably have had a breast enlargement operation with your nipples unsymmetrical
  • Have a certain degree of physical fitness – you will need to wave a cordless phone at a camera for up to two hours or more – due to health and safety constant movement will be needed, we suggest bum shaking as this will minimise the risk of deep vein thrombosis
  • GCSEs C or above in Maths, English and Science
  • Only joking about the above

If you are interested in applying please email us and we will direct you to the online application form.

The Babestation Norwich studio will have its own channel, which will be launching on 22nd April 2017, with its name yet to be confirmed, and will be on air from 11pm to 4.45am every night.

Will you go to the window and have a perv? What do you think of Norwich being home to a Babestation channel? Let us know.


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  • Great news that Babestation is coming to Norfolk. Will it be free to look in the window? I want to see Ashley and Preeti and all the other girls when I come to look at them. Can you tell me what night they will be there please? I will get there early.

    • We’re not sure yet on times and yet or who will be performing. It’s a bit of a journey from Leatherhead isn’t it?

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